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We not only
assemble cranes
but integrate
them into
production process.
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Automatic cranes from ALTMANN

Accelerate processes. Reduce staff workload. Ensure quality. Increase efficiency.

Whether semi or fully automatic, ALTMANN has been manufacturing automatic cranes in top quality for more than 25 years. ALTMANN automatic cranes meet your requirements exactly. All the work steps the crane has to go through in your company are programmed, tested and simulated by us in our works before the crane will be installed on-site. Consequently, commissioning times in your works will be reduced to a minimum.

Common applications for an automatic crane are:

  • Directed approach to a specified location
  • Avoidance of defined interfering edges, e.g. storage racks, workmen's offices, machinery etc.
  • EStoring and retrieving of bulk materials, such as biomass, discarded scrap, wood, crates, ore or rocks etc.
  • Running through a pre-specified production cycle
  • Interaction with neighbouring customer systems
  • Data exchange with a higher-level process control system