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Company trip to the Camba Bavaria brewery

29.03.2023 von Frau Susanne Frank - free journalist

On a recommendation, we headed east from Albaching to Seeon-Seebruck north of Lake Chiemsee to Camba Bavaria. Here at the craft beer brewery, international beer styles such as ales and stouts as well as traditional classic types such as "Helles" and "Weissbier" are brewed. Before tasting the beers, the guests from Albaching learned a lot of interesting facts about brewing beer and the raw materials used during a one-and-a-half-hour tour of the brewery. For a beer connoisseur, not all beer is the same. Professionals even identify the coffee roast flavour in beer called "Zappenduster" or they notice when a beer tastes like caramelised banana and cocoa. Like brewer Bert, who accompanied the Altmann group on the tour and told them that over 250 beers had already been created here and brewed according to the German Purity Law. There is a new brew master edition every month.

Bierfuerung Camba Bavaria

Fig. 1: Brewer Bert told us about the history of Camba Bavaria and how the passion for brewing is put into practice here at this location. In addition to 12 international styles, some seasonal beer specialties can be tasted.

Malty, hoppy or yeasty?

While tasting three different beers, visitors are supposed to test their taste buds and experience what the difference is between a malty and a hoppy beer, and which one tastes like yeast. This time, the group of visitors from Altmann could taste a dark beer, an IPA - that is an India Pale Ale, a craft beer from the USA - and a "Jäger Weiße".

Sabine von Dielingen from the purchase department at Altmann: "I'm not usually a beer drinker, but it was fun to try the beers and learn about brewing at the same time. I liked the IPA best."

Her colleague Georg Kebinger from the sales department adds: "I liked the dark beer best because it was a bit sweeter than the others. It's worth taking a trip here with friends and trying other beers." Since there are still some beers in the range that sound like they must absolutely be tried, for example the "Paragraph 14", the "Strawanzer" or the "Black Shark".

As the "Bavaria tour" had been booked, everyone could fortify themselves after the tour with Bavarian white sausages and pretzels from the in-house bakery. Georg Schirmer, who works as a design engineer at Altmann, also enjoyed doing something together with his colleagues and talking to employees from other departments.


Betriebsausflug_Camba Bavaria

Fig. 2: At the end of the Bavaria tour, we had Bavarian white sausages and pretzels.

The employees were completely satisfied with the excursion, which naturally pleased the organiser. Sabine Altmann's conclusion: "It was fantastic that we could exchange ideas outside the company in a relaxed atmosphere and experience something nice together without time pressure." At the end, they were given a gift basket with a small selection of beers from Camba Bavaria, so that the excursion will remain in everyone's memory for a little longer.

Craft beer pioneers on TV

If you can't make it to the Chiemsee region in Seeon in the near future, you should study the TV programme carefully. A TV team from the programme "Lebenslinien" (Lifelines) visited Camba Bavaria on the same day as we did. The documentary certainly gives a good insight into the work of the Upper Bavarian brewery pioneers. In order not to stay thirsty, you should order some of the craft beers from the online shop in advance - whether smooth bitter and spicy, nutty and malty, or with a citrus-passion fruit flavour is up to you.

Fernsehteam_Camba Bavaria

Fig. 3: A television crew from BR was also on site that day. The documentary about the Bavarian craft beer brewery will be broadcast in the series "Lebenslinien".