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Coronavirus - We are grateful - in good times and bad

14.04.2020 von Achim Altmann

In the meantime, our district belongs to the hotspots in Upper Bavaria, although the majority of the population observe the imposed rules.

Barbecue evenings with friends, coffee and cake with grand-parents or simply a small talk and a beer with colleagues after work - the desire to get back to a normal social life becomes stronger with each additional week of social distancing.

We at ALTMANN appreciate it even more, dear employees, that you keep to the protective measures consistently, both in the private and in the professional area. Thanks to your support it is possible for us to largely continue our business as usual. We want to say thank you to everyone doing their part in these difficult times! Thank you for considering it a top priority to protect others! Thank you for acting responsibly and staying at home when you feel sick! Thank you for your responsible behaviour that saves us from applying for government assistance, short work or even the dismissal of employees! What we manage in good times we can also manage in these bad times, with your help!

Thank you, dear customers, for your continuing loyalty! You can count on us to perform works as usual.

Even if the number of infected people around us is rising daily - we remain confident! Even though we have to keep the distance at the moment, we become aware of how strong our solidarity is - a solidarity that cannot be destroyed by a virus!

This year we are all the more looking forward to our third summer party, with which we want to thank our employees and their families for their commitment and understanding. We still do not know if the party can actually take place in summer, but we know one thing: coming together after this crisis will be a particularly beautiful event!

Despite the daily information overflow with new numbers of infections and fatalities, we don't want to forget that the population at risk is clearly defined and the average age of the unfortunate deaths is 80 plus. An objective evaluation of the virus is impeded by a partially irresponsible information policy. We ask you to remain calm and remind you that there is no reason for fear or panic. Well-researched reports from reliable sources take away our fears and help us see things clearly!