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Crane licence – obligatory for all crane operators

04.07.2017 von Achim Altmann

Background and basics

Generally speaking, the employer is responsible for providing qualified instruction for its employees. For this reason, ALTMANN GmbH has relied for many years on professionally delivered training courses to qualify employees, with on-site training in theory and practice to operate various crane systems. The aim of the instruction is to provide the participants with theory-based knowledge as well as to provide them with sufficient operating practice and the ability to identify shortcomings which may endanger safety at work.

The instruction for the operation of cranes is based on the guideline VDI 2194, which also governs the requirements for obtaining a crane licence. Among other things, this proof is required in German accident prevention regulation DGUV 52 “Cranes” (formerly BGV D6, Section 29).

Crane operator’s licence – training and exam

The crane operator must take a theory test and a practical test to obtain a crane operator’s licence. Prior to this, there is a training course that provides specific preparation for operation of the crane and for the exam questions.

The theory-based crane operator’s training deals with the following topics:

- Selection of crane operators
- General requirements
- The crane operator’s area of responsibility
- Differentiation of cranes according to design and control
- Conduct in the event of a malfunction on the crane
- Instruction on accident prevention regulation DGUV 52 (formerly BGV D6)
- Functional test prior to commissioning
- Safety at work: mechanical and electrical engineering
- Load suspension equipment


This is followed by the practical instruction covering the components below:

- Checking the crane system (e.g. load hooks, chain rollers, securing device, load chain)

  for visible defects or deformations
- Lifting and moving loads
- Travel-to-target at a specified height after previously estimating the height
- Controlling a swinging load

The exam can be taken after attending the theory-based and practical crane operator’s course. Following this, if the results are positive, the participants receive their crane licence, qualifying them to operate crane systems.