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Our only limitation is the law of physics

17.08.2021 von the press department of the district office


Their largest project in this area to date has been two cleanroom cranes, each of which can lift 30 tons. Achim Altmann describes them as a successful venture because they drive in parallel exactly to the millimetre. Such cleanroom cranes are used, for example, in the manufacture of batteries or in the medical industry.

During a visit from the head of district Otto Lederer, the two brothers presented part of their 25-year company history. Mr. Lederer was accompanied by the chairman of the IHK regional committee Rosenheim Andreas Bensegger, the branch manager of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Rosenheim Jens Wucherpfennig, the Albaching mayor Rudolf Schreyer as well as Richard Weißenbacher and Katharina Voggenauer from the economic development agency in the Rosenheim district office.

The Altmann company history begins with a small workshop. “We got into the niche because we did what others didn't want to do,” says Robert Altmann. It is the cranes that do not come off the shelf that the Albaching-based company plans, manufactures, assembles, puts into operation and maintains, for the entire life cycle of a product. Altmann mainly supplies the European market. It was rather an exception to provide the roofs of twelve mosques in the Saudi Arabian Mecca with lift carriages and thus creating movable roofs.

Altmann employs 45 people. The new, young employees come from secondary school, but also from university. “We need interested people because the product is not the same every week.” The discussion showed that recruiting new staff is not easy. "A skilled worker is a high qualification level," says Robert Altmann and criticizes above all the mathematics lessons at secondary schools. He regularly gives private maths lessons to the apprentices so that they can succeed in theory.

Much to the delight of Mayor Rudolf Schreyer, Robert and Achim Altmann finally praised the business-friendly regulations in the municipality of Albaching: "It is good and right to have chosen this location." To give a specific example: in the municipality in the north of the district, every house is connected to the fibre optic network.


Betriebsbesichtigung Landrat

Caption (from left): Head of district Otto Lederer, Andreas Bensegger from the IHK Regional Committee Rosenheim, IHK branch manager Jens Wucherpfennig, Katharina Voggenauer (District Office Economic Development Agency), Albaching Mayor Rudolf Schreyer and Achim Altmann on a tour of the two production halls.