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My bachelor thesis about the certification of cleanroom suitability

12.01.2023 von Georg Bacher - Mechanical Engineering Student

As the global technology leader in the field of cleanroom cranes, there is never any stagnation in Albaching - loosely based on the theme that "standing still is taking a step backward", the cranes are continuously refined in order to expand this pioneering position.

This resulted in a project that is excellently suited for a bachelor thesis: the certification of the cleanroom suitability of ALTMANN hoists.

In short: In what concentration and size do particles accumulate during the operation of a crane, which are suspended in the air as fine dust?
This assessment is essential for operating equipment in cleanrooms. Moving parts inevitably generate abrasion, in the case of cranes naturally above the production equipment and thus also above the products to be protected from particulate contamination.

Airborne particles are emitted from the conveyor system, which gradually sink from the ceiling toward the floor and contaminate the cleanliness-critical product -- a disaster in clean manufacturing. For example, in chip production in the semiconductor industry, this can quickly cause millions of dollars in damage.

Partikelzählermessung beim Reinraumhebezeug

Fig.1: Particle counter measurement of the cleanroom hoist

The test setup was implemented with the help of a mobile clean room, which was installed directly on the company premises in Albaching. Air samples are taken at the critical points of the hoists using a particle counter. These then undergo a statistical analysis in order to be assigned to a certain cleanroom class.


Fig. 2: Mobile clean room - the test setup for measuring the particles was carried out here.


The test series ended shortly before Christmas and is now waiting for the evaluation.
To be continued...


Georg Bacher
7th semester mechanical engineering