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A "Royal Bavarian hoisting machine"

29.11.2019 von Achim Altmann

New, more light-weight and at the same time more robust materials, energy-saving and high-performance drives, exact production procedures – Altmann GmbH from Albaching guarantees quality in the development and construction of cranes. For their own production hall, ALTMANN has developed a very special crane: The "Royal Bavarian hoisting machine". Believe it or not, but it is able to ...

... lift 10,000 beer mugs. "One litre of beer is a company-intern measurement unit, just for the fun of it. We love to calculate in 1-litre beer mugs", Achim Altmann says, who had this idea of the "Royal Bavarian hoisting machine" together with his brother Robert. The new crane in blue and with the portrait of fairy-tale king Ludwig will be employed in one of the Altmann production halls. "Actually, we wanted to provide it with a white-blue rhombus pattern but this would have been too complicated from a technical point of view. "Nevertheless, it turned out beautifully", says Achim Altmann, grinning.