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Clean room crane with semi-automatic system for pharmaceutical company

22.02.2018 von Achim Altmann

Recently, we successfully installed and commissioned this type of clean room crane with a semi-automatic system in line with the requirements of clean room class ISO 6 in a global pharmaceutical company. The crane’s design was developed in close cooperation with the customer to meet its individual needs, with special attention being paid to the space limitations imposed. However, we managed to cope with even this challenge, as the experts at ALTMANN manufactured the semi-automatic crane so that it was precisely adapted to the spatial conditions and we were able to install the crane with ease.

Equipment and features

The clean room crane is fitted with a PLC and a dual-axis positioning system, which permits a positioning accuracy of +/- 1 millimetre per axis. Stored positions allow for a semi-automatic approach, making it easy to replace expensive system components. Collisions and any resulting damage to such system components are prevented from the outset in that it is only possible to move the crane out of the stored positions in an approved direction.

To meet the requirements of clean room class ISO 6, the semi-automatic crane has an easy-clean housing and stainless steel control cabinets, among other features.

Other specifications of the clean room crane:

- Capacity: 1,000 kg
- Positioning accuracy per axis: +/- 1 mm
- Absolute positioning accuracy: +/- 2 mm
- Frequency converter for all three driven axes (hoist, trolley, crane)
- Radio remote control
- Closed drives without fans
- Absolute path measuring systems
- Compressed air line up to hook block
- Approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration, responsible for American food and drug regulations)