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PLC – Control technology of the future

26.06.2017 von Achim Altmann

ALTMANN focuses primarily on Siemens and the use of products from the S7 series. The SIMATIC controller generation integrates the latest future-proof technologies into an automation system with enhanced system features. Quality, continuity, mature technology and the manufacturer’s spare part commitment are the advantages of our partner SIEMENS. Rapid replacements are guaranteed worldwide in the event of an emergency. One of the most important requirements that we have to meet is maintaining the availability of automated machines.

Flexibility when using other PLC systems, such as by Rockwell, Omron and Mitsubishi, and individual customer requests are also taken into account and are easily implemented.

Our in-house programming department works closely with the customer to convert its wishes into a partially or fully automated crane system.

Advantages of using a PLC
High degree of flexibility

Short innovation cycles and rapid changes in requirements coupled with the expectation of rapid implementation characterise today’s production in almost all industrial sectors. It is possible to respond to such changes at short notice when using a PLC.
The decisive factor in this case is specific selection of the sensor system – the senses of an automatic system.

Material and spatial requirements

Operations, the evaluation of states as well as time and counting functions are implemented and evaluated internally in a PLC. All conceivable logic functions can be implemented without the need for wiring and space. It is rarely necessary to change the hardware in this case.

Duplication of programs

When using several identical systems, the software can be duplicated as often as desired, whereas program development is only required once.


Less assembly work, less wiring, less material. Projects can be assembled on site in significantly less time and are easier to supervise.

Remote maintenance and remote diagnostics

In the digital age, it is easy to control, monitor and modify a PLC program from a different location. Time-consuming and expensive on-site operations are now a thing of the past.

Other advantages

Low energy consumption, the option to network with other IT systems and, in particular, the reliability of a PLC are just a few of the additional advantages which result in economic synergy effects.

The PLC specialists at ALTMANN will guide you through your project from start to finish. Customised design, the use of high-quality and reliable components and materials, together with professional assembly, programming and commissioning on site by our own employees are our trademarks.

Years of experience and the qualified training of our employees are our strengths.

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