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The cornerstone for your future – a qualified apprenticeship at ALTMANN

Do you want to get things moving? Do you want to learn a profession that is future-oriented, fun and full of variety? Are you looking for an apprenticeship from that starts from 1st of September 2023 in a team that moves you forward? Welcome at ALTMANN.

Duration of apprenticeship: 3.5 Jahre

School: Public professional school ("Staatliche Berufsschule") Traunstein

Schedule (according to dual system): The theoretical knowledge is taught in the vocational school. The practical training is our part.

The practical part of the training includes the following:

  • Producing components according to drawings and qualitative specifications by means of machining manufacturing procedures such as turning, milling, grinding etc. Here, our focus is not only on the CNC-based production but also on conventional processing techniques.
  • Monitoring of manufacturing processes
  • Creating and optimizing programs for CNC-controlled manufacturing systems
  • Measuring and checking the produced components

Your qualifications:

  • Good GCSE (10 years)
  • Interest in natural science subjects
  • Good three-dimensional thinking skills
  • Mathematical understanding

We offer:

  • An exciting position as apprentice
  • A very good apprentice pay, social benefits above average
  • Take-over guarantee after having passed the final exam
  • Flexible working hours
  • Intensive in-house and external exam revision
  • Cost coverage for courses bringing you forward in your vocational training
  • Lunch allowance
  • Work clothes are provided by us

Sabine Altmann will be happy to answer your initial questions at +49 8076 88790.

Are you interested in computers, modern machinery and high-tech products? Are you enthusiastic about exciting tasks? Do you have good manual skills? Do you want to get valuable and real insight into the daily routine before deciding for a profession? You are welcome to work as an intern at ALTMANN.

Internship for pupils: 1 week

Internship for students: 4 to 6 weeks – we are happy to coordinate times with you.

During your internship you experience the fascinating world of cranes directly in our company. Experienced experts show you what our business is about and share their knowledge with you. An internship facilitates your decision whether or not to make an apprenticeship in our company. You lay the first foundation for your way into a successful future. We are looking forward to you.

Your internship is scheduled as follows:

In the production we will show you how components are produced according to drawings and qualitative specifications. You will learn how welded assemblies are created and get to know machining manufacturing procedures such as turning, milling, grinding etc. Afterwards, we will show you how a crane control is built and programmed in the electrical workshop. On the last day of your internship you will be in the construction department where we will show you how our cranes are created.

3 questions put to Markus Huenges

Apprentice in the field of lathe and mill cutting at ALTMANN

Hardly anyone can imagine what a specialist for lathe and mill cutting actually does. What exactly is your work?

I produce complex components from solid materials, this means for example I turn a wheel for a crane out of round stock. The specialist for lathe and mill cutting is one of the most exciting professions in the metal industry.

How important is your role in the ALTMANN team?

I think my position at ALTMANN GmbH is very important as I am directly involved in production.

What has been your most interesting task so far?

There is not this one special task because every day at ALTMANN is a new challenge.

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3 questions put to Tobias Tauchmann

Apprentice in the field of mechatronics at ALTMANN

What exactly is your work as a mechatronics technician?

In my first year, I supported the steel construction department, for instance in production, assembling and plasma cutting. In my second training year, I was mainly in the electrical department and built switchboards (constructing, wiring, connecting and commissioning).

What fascinates you about crane construction?

For me it is fascinating to build a "prototype" again and again, as the Altmann company exclusively constructs special solutions and never the same crane twice.

What has been your most interesting task so far?

In my opinion, the most interesting part is to put the crane into operation at the customer's site, from assembly of the crane bridge through to operational handover.

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