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Automatic cranes for the French wood industry

30.05.2018 von Achim Altmann

Automatic cranes from ALTMANN – from design to commissioning

The crane specialists at ALTMANN took on this extensive project and supervised it from start to finish. As a result, the automatic cranes have been produced by a single supplier. Our experts are responsible for everything from the specific design, aimed at optimising use of the restricted space conditions within the company, to manufacturing the cranes from high-grade components and materials, through to professional assembly and commissioning.

The result is two high-quality automatic cranes and an automatic shuttle with the following technical specifications:

- Capacity: 12.5 t
- Span: 26.1 m
- Travel speed: 125 m/min
- Hoisting speed: 40 m/min
- Acceleration 0.4 m/s²
- Electronic synchronisation and elimination of positive drives
  (more affordable purchase costs and less wear)
- Positioning accuracy: +/- 1 mm
- Transport shuttle with special gripper for stacks of wood
- Designed for three-shift operation 24/7

Advantages for the wood processing industry

There are many different reasons why the French company decided on the installation of two automated cranes. One is that it will optimise the movement of products inside the plant. The crane systems have been integrated into a higher-level warehouse management system and have an automatic control system programmed by ALTMANN. This enables extremely high accuracy (+/- 1 mm) when positioning loads. A further advantage is the ability to optimally fill the existing warehouse area as no manoeuvring areas are needed for industrial trucks. Remote access allows servicing at any time and reduces maintenance and servicing times to a minimum. Electronic synchronisation also eliminates the need for complex positive drive concepts (e.g. rack-and-pinion drives) and significantly reduces wear during operation.


All in all, the two cranes provide the wood processing company with a clear overall benefit: they increase productivity, opening up opportunities for higher sales.